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Heating Oil Versus Natural Gas

Heating Oil is Safe

Heating oil doesn’t ignite until its temperature reaches 140 degrees. So, if you dropped a lit match into heating oil, the flame extinguishes on contact. There is not enough fuel vapor to cause an explosion or fire and it has low carbon monoxide risk. And, unlike natural gas, you normally have warning signs of an oil system breakdown, like smoke, odors or soot. Natural gas, on the other hand, is explosive and leaks are a leading cause of carbon monoxide deaths. It is known as ‘the silent killer.’

Heating Oil is Dependable
Heating oil allows you to control your own personal supply (stored on your own property). Our technicians live and work where you do, so you enjoy better customer service and more local options.
Heating Oil Systems are Efficient
Today’s oil burners have become much more efficient over the past 25 years and last twice as long as natural gas furnaces. They are dependable, durable, easy to maintain and repair, and best of all, they’re super efficient, with efficiency ratings at 95%. Modern oil heating systems in well-insulated homes now allow homeowners to achieve the same amount of warmth using 40% less fuel.

Ultra-low-sulfur clear diesel

In addition to heating oil, we offer ultra-low-sulfur clear diesel for use in agricultural, utility, construction equipment, military equipment, recreational off-road vehicles, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, bobcats, tractors, harvesters, and farm plows. Overall, clear diesel is an efficient and cleaner alternative to traditional diesel fuel that is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of diesel engines.

If you are in need of fuel delivery for your equipment, we offer prompt service to your southern New Hampshire business or farm.  Our competitively priced clear diesel fuel is more environmentally friendly than other types of diesel fuel.  See our off-road diesel delivery towns.

PLEASE NOTE: our minimum delivery amount is 150 gallons.